Devotional: Truth


For the christian, truth is indispensable for living. Jesus said when we "know the truth, the truth will make us free." John 8:32

Jesus came "full of grace and truth." He is "truth made flesh." and now "dwells within me." John 1:14

Truth has freed me from damnation and truth keeps me free.

Jesus lives in me and the Holy Spirit is alongside of me "guiding me into all truth. " John 16:13

By staying set upon God's truths, I am empowered, I am equipped. I can break free from the bondage of sin, I can cleanse my life and remove strongholds which habitual sins have set upon my life.

The vibrant, overcoming life is promised and available for living and enjoying. It isn't just a dream, and it isn't out of reach. I just need to stay in God's truths and walk in it because I can only walk with God if I walk in truth. Today I pray for that to be so in my life.


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