Devotional: God the Light , Man the light-bearer

1. God, the life and light.

In him was life, and the life was the light of men. John 1:4

In Christ is life, the life that gives light to man. In Christ, I find this life and I experience this light-giving life. This means I live a new kind of life, I live an enlightened life, and I live a guided life. I can rise from the confusions and misdirections of life, I can be the right person and walk the right path.

2. Man, a witness (testify) to That Light

Like John, I've been given life to bear witness to the light. (John 1:5)

My life is to point people towards God, to arouse curiosity of who God is and who God can be in the lives of the lost. This means i need to be spiritual and not worldly in my values and pursuits. To point people heavenward, I need to desire and reflect what is above, not here below.

3. Man, to reflect  (showcase) That Light
Christ Himself tells me to shine forth my light so that people may see good works and give the credit/glory to God. (Matthew 5).

This means my life should be good, right, and pleasing before men, not to show people how righteous and hardworking i am but to show them that everything good coming from my life and work are great accomplishments of God in my life. In viewing good works and ministry this way, i can remain in proper perspective, seeing my efforts as God-given privileges and opportunities not burdens.


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