Devotional: Gains and Losses

"But whatever former things I considered gains to me I have now come to consider as absolutely worthless for the sake of Christ and the purpose which He has given my life" Philippians 3:7-8

In living my life as I saw fit, priorities, aspirations, and opinions were according to my own human perception. In submitting my life under the guidance and pleasure of God and Scriptures over my life, I begin to see and value things differently. Refocusing and reassessment begin to take place in order to align my goals and priorities with God's desires for my life. It's strange when I began to realize that the achievements I considered before are no longer that big of a deal and many of the opportunities I used to run after have now become distractions I must put away in order to pursue and achieve what matters most.

I pray for the Spirit to continue to sharpen my eyes towards a better and right view of life. I am here for Him, for His pleasure; and the short time I have here on earth is to be spent not on selfish purposes but for His glory.


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