Do You Know Your God?

Everyone believes something about God. Everyone has a belief, an opinion, or an idea that they hold about who God is and what He is to them. So how much do you know your God?

If you think God doesn't exist, then that's what you believe about him. And with that over-arching belief, you form more ideas or opinions about this non-existent God.

And all that you believe and hold about that God make up the faith you hold and that faith moves you in life. It is at the core of your existence, your thoughts, behaviours and actions.

You might say, "Well, He is not my God since I don't believe one exists." Still, He is the God you know and refer to... The non-existent one."

The Christian believes in God who exists and reveals Himself through Scriptures. And his belief can be shallow or deep.

He may be acquainted with God or deeply familiar and intimate with Him. So to the Christian, the question is, "Do you know your God?"

Knowing your God is your choice

Knowledge and understanding of God. Intimacy with God. These come down to choice. If you are a Christian, you always make the choice in this relationship.

If you want to know and understand God more, if you want to experience more of His "realness" in your life, then you have to actively seek that.

The Bible exists so we may know and understand God. John 20:31. In this time and age we are in, this is most important. So many views are out there.

People peddle all sorts of information and a lot of these knowledge and truths are passed on without veracity.

The Christian can be deceived, especially if he or she is not biblically grounded. If you don't know much about what and who you believe then you could likely believe anything.

Understanding God takes time

The Christian will always have limited understanding of his God.

As with every family, we don't always understand how our family members think, why they think that way, how and why they act in a certain way, and the intents of their hearts.

It is very much the same way with the Father.

At times, what we know from the Bible is enough to give us an understanding of how God is working in our circumstances and why so. But at times, our understanding will fail us.

It can be that we understand the purpose in the end, but it can be that we would never understand it.

But whether we understand or not, from Scriptures and from past personal experience, we know that God's love is always sure.

And His plan is always for our ultimate good. We may not get it at this time but in the end, we will certainly see that God has never failed us yet.

Intimacy with God is a daily, interactive pursuit.

As with any relationship, intimacy is pursued actively. You never just maintain a relationship, that is, if you want it to be fruitful, vibrant, or thriving.

Daily, you must take steps to nurture, grow, and strengthen the relationship.

If you want a strong connection with the Father, then stay connected.

  • Pray. That means talk to Him.
  • Be aware. Acknowledge and welcome His presence.
  • Honor. 1 Cor 10:31. Live in a way that pleases and glorifies God. Make Him smile and unashamed to call you His child.
  • Yield and defer. Involve Him in your daily life. Yield to His direction on a daily basis. Leave the future with Him, yes but leave today with Him as well.

  • Be in the Word. You can't grow in this relationship without God's Word. Find a Bible version you can understand and connect to and read that. Read in big portions, read a few verses. 

Whatever is effective. The goal is ultimately not to read but to understand and discover truths about God from His Word. 

If it takes only a couple verses a day, then do it. But read and reflect.

  • Ask. God says to ask in His name and He will do it. (John 14:14). That means anything you ask that aligns with His personhood. He will give.

When we ask something that doesn't compromise who He is and His values, then He will grant it. 

So go ahead and ask Him to help you understand Him. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you personally in ways you can understand and feel. And He will surely respond.


Know Your God Today

How much do you know God?  How real is He to you? Let Him be true, alive, and at work in your life today. He wants to be known. He wants to be close. Open the pages of His Word. Draw near and let Him in. "Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you." (James 4:8).

Worship Song for the Day

Closer Than You Think


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