How to Brew Your Best Coffee at Home

you can brew your best espresso coffee at home

I love everything there is about coffee. The coffee beans, the caffeine, the process of brewing, the scent, the ritual of drinking it in relaxed sips or slurps, the treat that goes with each coffee cup, be it a serving of desert or some pages from a book you're getting through; and more.

Coffee, for me, is a habit. It's medicine. It's a journey. My coffee has grown or evolved through the years. And in all stages, I appreciated and enjoyed each kind. I am not a coffee snob. I actually don't get people who are that way. People like their coffee in each unique way and to judge a person's taste by the coffee they drink is not so good a practice. And to suppose for one second that you are elevated because you can only tolerate or adhere to a certain type of coffee is childish.

I find it amusing actually to be in the company of people like that. Sometimes they are unaware. Other times, they are; and some of them are even proud of it. Like the proud OCs, if you've met one. Honestly, it's not that admirable when people want to flaunt and publicly pride themselves about being highly obsessive compulsive. Yes, it may say you're detailed and 'perfect'. But it can also clue people as to how you're probably inconsiderate, judgy, and imposing. Anyway, this topic deviation necessitates a separate post, I believe. So, going back to coffee.

Coffee. Take it as you like it. I've had it in instant powder, 3-in-1 packs, flavoured. I've taken it from a drip brew, french press, percolator, Moka Express, AeroPress, Siphon, Espresso machine, Chemex, Vietnamese coffee maker, and more. I've drunk it hot or cold brewed. I've enjoyed canned coffees in the cooler section.

Black or latte. With cream, sugared, no sugar. With milk. With Whisky!

Long, short, piccolo, espresso, ristretto. Capuccino! Mocha! etc., etc.

As for the beans, I've tasted countless and I know there's countless more coffee beans to explore. I ordered cuppas wherever I could get them. Yes. I've invested my time, tastebuds, and finances in a lot of coffee. I'm not proud of the squandering finances part.

The coffee tasting and coffee making adventure goes on. And now for the best part, I get to do it more at home. You can brew your best coffee at home. You can take your cup and enjoy it in your own private, special place. So you're finally thinking, "Goodness! Just start discussing how! Okay. Here's how.

What you need to brew your best coffee at home

1. Good quality coffee beans. The best thing about home brewing is that you get to save a lot of money. Sure, treat yourself to cafe or barista coffee. But, put a rein on it and allot those dollars to buying good quality coffee beans.

2.  A measuring glass or stainless steel. Plastic may not be your best option as it just seems to diminish the output.

3. A measuring spoon

4. A fine filter or mesh

5. A ceramic, glass, or stainless steel coffee mug

6. A kettle for boiling

7. Fresh Water

Procedure for brewing your coffee at home

1. Measure out 2 tbs. of coffee per 6 oz. of water. Place in measuring glass. [Remember to transfer opened coffee beans or coffee grounds in an airtight container. This seals in freshness. Keep your coffee grounds or beans away from odor-releasing substances. I had to throw out soap-tasting coffee grounds which I mindlessly placed beside a bag of laundry detergent. Also, placing coffee or tea leaves among cooking spices is never a good idea.]

2. Boil freshly drawn water. Proceed to slowly pour over the grains, making sure to gently submerge the coffee grounds in water. Then continue distributing gently poured water around until you reach the right measurement. In this case, 6 ozs, for 1 brewed coffee serve. [I let my measurement pass the 6 oz. mark a bit, to account for the presence of the ground coffee beans]

3. You have the option of vigorously stirring for some seconds. [Some do this for more crema and more intense taste.] Be careful not to splash the coffee grounds around the glass apart from the water. Leave to brew for 3 to 4 minutes. [I find that 4-minute brews leave an unpleasant aftertaste especially when you're making double serves or cups.]

4. Place the filter above your coffee cup and slowly pour the freshly home brewed coffee into the mug. Keep the stream steady in one spot to extract some more from the filtered grounds.

5. Enjoy plain or with sugar and or milk.


Besides brewing your own coffee at home, you can also whip up a quick and easy fresh homemade whipped cream right at home.  Try this easy recipe now.


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