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Is God Responsible for the Coronavirus?

This was a question someone asked the other day. And it's a question that's difficult to resolve by those who do not know God. Those who haven't come to know Christ as Savior think God is unfair and evil to let people suffer. For, what good God will allow all the bad things happening in the world today?

How does the Christian answer?

There's no simple answer to this. And it's futile to argue with someone who thinks wrongly about God and hates him; and wouldn't give God a chance. No understanding ever comes from arguments. Those who refuse to acknowledge God and give Him a fair thought let alone a rightful place and worship, will always reject God and the truth. But to those who have tasted the heavenly gift, to them who abide in a relationship founded on sole faith in the atoning work of Christ, to those who are seeking to know and understand more, to those who trust in spite of their doubts and limited understanding, there is hope of making sense of this bewilderment.

God's very nature cannot make Him responsible for the coronavirus

Scriptures say that God is good. Psalm 145:9. He knows no sin and He can never be evil. James 1:13 Habakuk 1:13. He is always light. In Him is no darkness. 1 Jn 1:5. He has nothing to do with the existence, operation, and consequences of sin, evil, and suffering.

He always wants what's best for us. Genesis 1:31 says He has created everything good and perfect. That includes man and all creation. Jeremiah says that all His purposes and plans for man will always be good and beneficial. Jer. 29:11.

So who is responsible for the coronavirus?

Everything that's going wrong, evil, and unpleasant in this world is because of sin. Satan, like the other angels, was created with free will. So was man. Lucifer chose to reject God and go his own way. Isai. 14:12. He was the first to sin. Now, his mission is to make followers among men, tempting all people everywhere to go the same wrongful path he has taken.

Sadly, the first man chose to sin. With that, sin and death passed upon all mankind. Rom. 5:12. Creation suffers because of sin. It faces corruption each day. Romans 8:19-21 say, creation eagerly awaits salvation. Our bodies, once perfect, now degenerates. Creation, once perfect, now bears anomalies with each propagation. There isn't just moral or spiritual corruption, there is actual physical corruption.

Man's continual rejection of God along with his corrupt thinking leads to crimes, immoral inventions, and more. There's irresponsible use of resources. There's also a continuing weakening of our bodies and everything that bears life around us. So there is sickness. There is decay. There is progressing evil and persistence in sinful acts. In view of all these facts then, is it still a surprise that viruses and diseases come upon mankind?

God is not responsible for the Coronavirus. God created a perfect world, a perfect man. But man chose to sin and sin has consequences. Instead of blaming God, man should realize that times like these are when we need God more than ever. For God is our only hope from our troubled state in this troubled world.

God is all-good. Romans 8:28 says He is actively at work, causing everything that's happening to work out for our good. Any child of His is assured of this promise; any child that seeks to live in that good and perfect path that the Father has set out for Him.

When the ungodly realize that the solution is to run to God instead of away from Him, spiritual light and understanding will start settling in. Problems won't go away. Struggles, failings, sicknesses, these will remain. But God will be there walking through every valley with us. We may not always understand but we can determine that our God is always the answer. He is the solution And He will always be enough.

God will never stage evil or chaos to happen. But in these types of situations, God makes a way for good purposes to be had. May we survive this current COVID-19 global pandemic stronger, wiser, and spiritually closer to Him.

“We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking,
 only to learn that it is God who is shaking them."
-Charles West

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