Science: "Once in a Blue Moon" Coming Up! on January 31!


On January 31, we will get to see a Blue Moon rise in the sky and it's not just Blue Moon sighting that will take place. Asia, Australasia, North and Central America will get the best view of a total lunar eclipse that coincides with a blue moon and a supermoon.

Supermoons are sighted when the moon is closest to the earth. The moon also seems larger when it is viewed close to the horizon. Countries like the Philippines need supermoon events to see large moons but in countries like Australia, the moon actually seems quite large all the time.

One informative article comments that this is the first time to happen in 150 years. Check it out for more info:
Super Blue Blood Moon To Grace The Sky, Here's What We Could Learn From It

Article author Tim O'Brien clarifies that although it's called a blue moon, you won't actually see blue. Instead, you will get to see a dusky red moon on January 31. Moongazers will catch it at these times:

US, between 3:51 AM to 7:11 depending on which state you are located.
Australia, between 8:51 PM to 12:31 AM (next day). Check the link for exact time as to location.

The National Geographic also has a discussion on this year's Super Blue Blood Moon.

Australia gets a ringside seat to the Super Blue Blood Moon (phew, that was long!) sighting tonight.
Local Australian Times posted by ABC and some discussion :)


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