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7 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Philippines

Have you every been to the tropical island of the Philippines? There are lots of reasons why you should go to the Philippines, at least once, and better yet, more than once. Here are 7 reasons why you should go to the Philippines.

1.  Plane tickets to the Philippines are from affordable to dirt cheap. International airlines like American Airlines, United Airlines, Qantas Airways, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines, Qatar, Cathay Pacific; these come out with regular sales. Just watch out for discounted round-trip tickets to the Philippines. Even their local airlines, Philippine Airlines and CebuPacific Air come out with flash sales and heavy price drops and Zero or  P1 Fares. You just need to pay the taxes and additional baggage.

2.  The cost of food in the Philippines is really cheap. In many restaurants, real fine dining is yours to experience for under USD$10. That means, fast food, regular food, and street food is so affordable. You can get rice bowls for $1and even below. Establishments that offer buffet or smorgasbord abound and you can eat all you want for USD$5.

3. The cost of living accommodations in the Philippines at regular hotels, budget hotels, hostels, backpackers lodge and motels are quite affordable. Airbnb is also a wise choice since many hosts list their units at low prices and even offer additional discounts for extended stays.

4. The cost of transportation in the Philippines is really cheap. The main form of transportation is the Jeepney and it's everywhere. The minimum fare to get around is PHP 8. That's US .15c. There's also the Philippine MRT line around the General Manila Area if you want to avoid traffic below. Check the routes here:
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5. Communicating in English is easy in the Philippines. Filipino and English are the official languages in the Philippines. Locals basically grow up bilingual. As a tourist, you don't have to worry about getting around and talking with people for instructions, assistance, and purchases. If you speak English, everything would be easy peasy. The Philippines is tourist-friendly. Pinoys or Filipinos are generally easy to approach, very helpful, and accommodating.

6.  Tourist spots in the Philippines are so many. You'd never run out of places to visit. You'll just run out of time, especially if you're in for a short stay on your first visit to the Philippines. In every locale or region, there's something to see. Try Baguio. Visit Banawe. Swim in Boracay or Cebu. Go surfing in Siargao, Baler, or General Luna.

7. Night spots are abundant in the Philippines. Cities never sleep. There are 24-hour cafes and restos. Many attractions stay open till late night or until the wee hours of the morning. Transportation goes way into the night. So do pharmacies, convenience stores, shopping centers. Shopping hours in department stores or malls are usually from 9 AM to 9 PM. Some extend till 10 PM.  There are 24-hour Starbucks coffee shops and many other popular coffee shops.

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