It's Adieu to Boo, The World's Cutest Dog

On January 19, 2019, Boo has ceased gracing us with his presence. It was about a year ago when Buddy, his brother and best buddy, passed on. J.H. Lee observed that Boo wasn't the same since and may have slowly began suffering from and finally did succumb to a broken heart.

Indeed, he is one of the cutest dogs you may ever lay your eyes on; one of the happiest and most easygoing Pomeranian ever snapped and videographed. He has brought joy to his human family since 2006. An article by Business Insider outed Irene Ahn as his owner. But this wasn't really officially confirmed. The owner goes by the name J.H. Lee and she had always put the spotlight ever only on Boo. The sole public account she ever set up was Boo's Facebook page which has 16.6M likes plus 16.2M follows. Any other Social Media accounts you may come across are either fan-based or fake accounts.

Fancy a trip down memory lane? Here are some compilations for you. Click title links.

ABC News Video

Good Morning America on Boo's Vacation and Upcoming Book

Chronicle Books Promote Boo's Holiday Book

WE Day with Boo in California

Belly Rub Video by Family

Family Playtime With Boo

Ear Wiggling Boo

All snaps are from Boo's Facebook Page. Here's some more:

Remember more of Boo here.


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