Devotional: 'You Are In Error"

Reading: Matthew 22:23-33

Marked: v. 29 Jesus replied, “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.


In this passage, Jesus confronts the Sadducees about their ignorance of Scriptures and of God. They didn't believe in the resurrection because they had a very limited view of God. They had a very limited view of God because they failed to understand Scriptures.

Like the Sadducees, Christians can be ignorant of Scriptures. Like them, we can hold a very limited view of God. Sadly, we can fall into error too. Though by faith we know that there is a coming resurrection, we fail to understand all that this truth holds for us. Death is about loss. It's about endings. Resurrection is about life. It's about all that we gain in Christ. Are we living as people who are convinced in the resurrection power of God? Do we move about this world confident in the capacities of the One we consider our Father and God?

Are we powered up for Christian living through the energizing work of the Spirit and Scriptures? Ephesians 4 discusses the importance of God's Word. It is our sword, our offense. It is what enables us to take forward steps and charge against the enemy. Without study and growth in the understanding of the Bible, we can never live an overcoming and guided life. It is the Bible that wisens us up in the faith life. It is the Bible that sharpens our discernment. It is the Bible that steers us into the right direction and enables us to maintain the right course.

If we are in error today then we need to start correcting ourselves. Get to know God through His Word. Get to understand and experience the God declared by Scriptures. He is not elusive. He is ever ready to reveal Himself to us afresh.

Prayer: Lord, make me a student of Your Word and open my eyes to the discovery of your personhood. Amen.


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