Choose Gratitude!


Gratitude is how you deal with worry and anxiety. Gratitude helps you get over yourself.
Somewhere in the world, in this very moment, someone is dying without Jesus. Someone is living it tough. They’re without hope, unaware that God is nearby, ready to save.

People are out there, wrestling with the purpose of life. They have never known the presence and loving touch of the One True God. They have yet to experience a relationship with the Only One who can make sense of everything.

It's easy to be concerned and consumed with our own worries, problems, and preoccupations. While we get annoyed with the inconveniences of daily life, the frustrations of unmet desires, the lack of material possessions to make our earthly life more easy and pleasant, someone out there is deeply struggling to just get to be where we are right now - safe, alive, able to dream, able to do, able to enjoy life.

So pause. Choose Gratitude. Let out a breath of thanksgiving.
God is our God and Father who is always working everything out for our good.  
Jesus, our God and Redeemer, is ever saving and strengthening us. 
The Holy Spirit, our God and Constant Companion, is forever securing for us a present and a future filled with hope and promise.

Dear God,
Help me remember where I was before You saved me. Remind me to be grateful. Open my eyes. Help me see how blessed I am and how I must bring that blessing to others. Lift me out of my preoccupied state to take a moment and look beyond myself so I can see how others are in such a hard place in life.

Help me do what little I can to spread the hope, love, and knowledge of Jesus to my family, loved ones, friends, and the people I brush shoulders with.

Give me Your eyes. Help me see as the Lord Jesus saw the people in the fields that day. The harvest is all around me. People need to know You. People need to understand, sense, and experience that You are good, You are true, You are God. You love them and you can and will save them as you’ve done with me.

Choose Gratitude Today.

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