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The Best Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

laser hair removal for dark skin

Laser hair removal is now equally safe for light and dark skin. The best laser hair removal for dark skin uses the right tool and applies a precise technique to quickly, painlessly, and completely remove unwanted hair without nasty or ugly side effects whatsoever.

Not every procedure is the same though.So let’s now talk about what you should expect from the best laser hair removal experience for dark skin.

Laser hair removal should cause minimal pain or discomfort.

People have different tolerance levels for pain. Some hardly feel pain at all, while others twitch in pain at the slightest sensation.

Highly efficient laser hair removal tools and procedures can reduce pain, possibly even down to zero, thru less heat emission or the application of numbing cream beforehand.

The best laser treatment for removing hair is quick.

If the procedure takes a long time to complete, or if it needs so many repetitions before you see results, then the procedure or device is probably not that efficient.

One session can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on how big the treatment area is. And you should be seeing some results by the third try.

IPL devices are your best choice because the large light area can treat bigger spots and greatly reduce the treatment time.

Hair regrowth should be minimal and slow.

You should notice a slowing down of hair regrowth or maybe zero growth, at least not for a long time. Regrowth areas should also be minimal, and the hairs of your dark skin should be thinner than usual.

Slow and minimal regrowth of hair means you don’t have to keep subjecting your skin to numerous and frequent hair removal sessions.

This allows your skin enough time to breathe and recover in-between treatments, thereby keeping your skin smooth.

The best hair removal tools are simple and precise.

The best tools are easy to use. So if you’re into having your own handheld laser removal product at home, choose one that’s easy to use and quick to master.

The hair removal device should also be highly accurate in targeting the areas you want to treat. Some products cannot distinguish between the hair follicles and the pigments of your dark skin. 

Check whether the laser hair removal system can bypass the melanin in your skin before subjecting yourself to any treatment.

Effective laser hair removal systems feature adjustment controls.

Some people have thick hair, while others have vellus hair. This hair type is hardly noticeable because it is light in color. It is also usually thin and short.

The most effective device should be capable of removing both thick and vellus hair. This should feature different power settings that adjust to different skin colors. Your dark skin will be safe from burning, discoloration, or scarring with devices like that.

Final Thoughts

Treating dark skin can be risky. So spare yourself from an unpleasant hair removal experience by going to a qualified provider who has the experience and proper tools that can safely remove your unwanted hair.

The best laser hair removal procedure should be suitable for your dark skin and hair type. It should not cause unnecessary pain nor take up too much of your time.

For the most convenient and cost-effective method of removing unwanted hair, consider investing in your own laser hair removal device.

With your own device, you can freely schedule hair removal treatments. And with you treating yourself, you can most accurately target the areas you want to treat. Best of all, you get to save money in the long run.

Do you know or use any effective devices for hair removal? Let us know in the comments below.

photo credit to Pexels


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