Six Things To Do After Tooth Extraction
You've just had one, two, or more teeth pulled out. Pain may be felt for some hours to some days. If one isn't careful, swelling may occur or persist. Bleeding may also occur and infection or pus may contract,

Here are 10 things to do after tooth extraction to avoid complications and foster better healing.

1. Drink lots of water.
Up your water consumption after the procedure. This helps your body flush out medications, especially anesthetics injected into your body. The earlier you expel the anesthesia, the lesser the chances are for experiencing headache and other after-effects of anesthesia like nausea and sore throat.

2. Drink iced water and soft-serve vanilla iced cream, smoothies.
This brings down swelling and allows for a faster closing of the wound. Make sure to have it low-sugar or sugar-free. 

3. Avoid spicy and hot foods.
Hot spices and hot liquids will deter wound healing. The hot temperature will break the blood clot formation which is essential for stopping bleeding and closing up incision wounds.  Say no to ramen and  steaming hot dishes for a while. Also, avoid nicotine; ergo, avoid smoking. Furthermore, skip hot spa treatments like saunas. Stay indoors and just keep your body cool. Skip hot showers if you can, for at least a day.

4. Avoid grainy, crunchy, fibrous, and hard foods.
These will irritate the site of the wound and may even get lodged inside the extraction site. Observe a soft diet at least within 24 hours after the procedure.

5. Wash the insides of your mouth gently.
Do that every after meal to ensure the incision site is free from food particles. After at least a day, gently rinse and use only salt water. Avoid letting your toothbrush bristles get in contact with the incision site whenever you brush your teeth.

6. Avoid strenuous work.
Take it easy. Doing a lot of physical activities causes your body to tense up and strain; and that may delay healing. These also make you heat up and sweat and that may cause complications. Avoid extended outdoor walks and avoid using the stairs especially after the procedure. The flight up and even the flight down the stairs may cause bleeding, nausea, or dizziness.


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