Song Meditations: "Heart Like Heaven" by Hillsong United

"Heart Like Heaven" is deep and profound. The Christian who bares His all before God, he who yearns after Him and what He desires; he will find the song lyrics hitting close to home:

Holy, no measure knows Your worth.
Face down, where mercy finds me first.

Oh, if you sought perfection;
Oh, I’d die trying to reach it.
Oh, but this broken heart is all You want.

Singing, “Holy"; heart like heaven.
Singing, “Holy, God Almighty”.
Own this heart broke sound-
Singing, “Holy is Your name.”

Jesus, how perfect is Your name.
Savior, what song is worth this grace?

Oh, I’ll throw my weakness,
Oh, into Your greatness.
Oh, if this broken heart is all You want.

Own this sound forever.
Heart and heaven together,
Singing, “Holy is Your Name”.
And if it lifts You higher,
Burn in me Your desire-
A passion worthy of Your Name.

For You are worthy Jesus, Savior.
You are worthy, King forever.
Hear my soul cry out-
Singing, “Holy is Your name”.

Perfection is something we'd die trying and failing to reach. Constantly falling short brings shame and discouragement. Overtime, the believer grows weary from an unending cycle of victory and defeat. How can one "not" get discouraged without becoming calloused? How can one remain forgiving but never consenting to frailties and weaknesses? The song grants some key points as answers to such wonderings.

To see the immeasurable worth and greatness of our God and then to see my unworthiness; these realizations keep me in the right place. I see great mercy being extended to me, I see how I am valued and loved. I see how God has accepted me, just as I am. I also see that everything relies upon Him, and not on myself.

God sees how broken I am and He doesn't expect me to come to Him perfect. He wants me to come in all my weakness and unworthiness. He wants me to come yielded, letting His desire birth in me a passion that seeks His Honor in my life.

To have a "Heart like heaven", to have my heart and His heaven together, I need to let His work be done in me. So, will I come? And, will I keep coming?


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